I have not walked around Taipei for quite a long time so I went to the Sun Yat Sen memorial for a look at night.It is quiet and quite pleasant in the evening.There were couples and families with dogs and also students practicing dance.I also took some pictures of the famous Taipei 101!

我很久沒有在台北景點逛一逛了. 晚上到國父紀念館走一走. 在晚上很安靜感覺很平靜. 有一些情侶還有家庭都會帶小孩還有狗來這裡散步,還有一些學生在這裡練舞,感覺很有趣.我也拍了幾張101大樓的照片給大家看! 希望大家會喜歡!

101 就在我旁邊




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