xuI have been watching some Olympic events and am very proud that Singapore received the silver medal for table-tennis! China received the gold medal and they deserved it as they played very well.
I have also been watching some of the football games.Both the men and women competitions are very exciting! Just waiting to watch the finals.
Very sorry that Liu Xiang had to pull out of his  event because of injury.He is under  a lot of pressure so we all hope to support him and also wish that he can recover fast and do China proud again!
Here are some pictures of me near the  Water cube  and more behind -the- scenes in Korea during the recording of the song 'Ai Shi Liu Dong De'.

我最近在關注著奧運比賽,這一次乒乒球比賽是中國隊對新加坡隊. 雖然新加坡只得到銀牌,
但由於中國隊打得非常的好, 所以他們能得到金牌也是應該的.

最近我都在看足球比賽, 男子足球和女子足球的比賽很精彩! 現在要等著看最後的決賽.

這些這片是我在水立方附近的照片, 還有在韓國時錄製 '愛是流動的' 韓文版的幕後花序


我和韓智慧開心合作! 我們都錄好歌嚕!




和圭石在錄音前練習 '愛是流動' 的韓文版 'Friend 朋友'  幕後花絮影片


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