I'm happy to announce that 'Almost Perfect'has made 10 million RMB in ticket sales in the 1st 4 days since opening on the 1st of Aug.Thank you to everyone who watched it and for those of you who have not,don't miss it or you will miss out on all the laughs!
I'm now in Seoul and will record my first mandarin song tomorrow.I'm quite nervous but excited at the same time.I'm sure everyone will like the song as it is a nice sing-along song.I hope everyone will look forward to my song which should be out by the middle of August.
Here are some photos not shown before from my movie!

我要很高興的告訴大家 '十全九美'電影從8月1日開始上映4天已經超過一千萬了! 要很感謝有去看十全九美的觀眾.還有如果沒有去看的人要趕快去看,不要錯過這個充滿笑聲的電影!

我現在韓國, 明天就要錄製我的中文歌了. 感覺好緊張同時也覺得很興奮! 我相信大家一定會很期待這首中文歌. 希望八月中大家就可以聽到了!

這裡是我在十全九美電影裡還未公開的照片, 還有電影宣傳的照片!

''十全九美"  裡面的 饅頭 "女"

十全九美的發佈會當天剛好是我的生日, 我好開心也好感動大家準備好大的蛋糕幫我慶祝








'十全九美' 西安見面會

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'十全九美' 西安新聞發佈會


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十全九美' 長沙見面會


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