I'm happy to tell everyone that I'm finally going to sing some chinese songs.I think everyone,including myself has waited a long time for this!

The press con that was held on the 15th of june to announce this was a great success.

I'm sure that 'Starlight International' who will be responsible for my EP, will fully make our cooperation a success.

Another piece of good news is that my movie'Almost Perfect' will finally be out on the 1st of Aug!It's official.

Well, I guess good things happen all at once and What better time than on my Birthday month!

Its been a great month for me and I just want to say enjoy the Olympics,look forward to my songs and watch my movie!

很開心的要告訴大家我終於要錄我第一首國語歌了, 我相信大家包括我自己都等了很久了..

6月15日的發布會非常成功! 我相信新合作的星光國際公司將會把我第一個Ep製作的非常棒, 非常成功的!

還有我要跟大家說我另外一個好消息是我的電影 '十全九美' 將會在8月1日正式上映!

最近有很多的好消息在發生, 特別是在我生日的這個月! 真的覺得很開心!

這個月對我來說有很大的期許. 希望大家會期待這個月奧運的到來, 還有期待我的歌,還有一定要去看我電影喔!








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