This is a photo of me and my hairstylist.

His name is Byrne and he has been cutting my hair in Taipei since I first went over almost 4 years ago.
He is a really cool guy and I think he is very skillful.The salon is in Zhongxiao East Rd opposite Sogo.It's called UNEEK.
It's also a really comfortable salon with a massage chair.So if you are looking for a new stylist then maybe you can give UNEEK a try!
這是我和我的髮型師的照片,  他是我從第一部戲"天國的嫁衣" 就開始剪我的頭髮.從我剛來台灣到現在已經快要四年了.
他感覺就是很酷的感覺, 而且技術很好,他的公司叫UNEK在忠孝東路sogo那裡.在附近都有很多好吃的餐廳, 每次減完頭髮就會到附近去吃飯.
他的剪頭髮的地方感覺很舒服, 洗頭髮的地方還有按摩椅,常常洗頭髮都會洗到睡著. 如果你再找好髮型師或舒服的地方弄頭髮 ,可以去那邊試試看喔!
我的髮型師 Byrne

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