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It's Chinese New Year again and I will like to wish everyone a Prosperous and Happy New Year!I hope everyone can go home for the holidays because I know that the weather has stopped many types of transportation in China.
Anyway, I will be home in Singapore for Chinese New Year but I will have to rest at home because I'm going for dental surgery on the 5th of Feb.I have to do an implant and pull out 2 wisdom teeth.I've had this problem since I was 14 years old. Long story...
Very nervous about it. I will only be able to eat soft food for a week at least.No New Year Goodies for me.My face will probably be swollen for a while too.
I have to do it during the holidays because I will be very busy and have to be fully recovered by the end of Feb.
Other then that, I'm looking forward to the New Year and all the projects I have lined up!Will keep you updated.
Have fun and good luck!
又要快要過新年了! 我要祝福大家新年快樂萬事如意!希望大家都能順利回到家過年, 因為今年冬天天氣不好影響到交通, 很多人都會被影響到過年返家.
我會在新加坡過年, 但今年沒辦法慶祝, 因為我要做植牙的手術. 2月5日要拔掉2個智齒還有植牙. 這個問題在我14歲的時候就有了, 一直到現在才有時間去開刀做手術. 開刀的傷口會很痛, 臉恐怕要一個禮拜才會消種,  所以今年不能好好吃年夜飯了.....
過年後我就要開始忙了. 我很期待今年的計畫! 我會繼續通知大家我的消息.

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I'm back in Taipei for a few days and I managed to attend a painting exhibition in between my busy schedule. 

I think the paintings are quite beautiful and part of the sales will also be donated to Charity.If anyone is interested, the exhibition is until 31st Jan.

It's quite cold over here although not as cold as Beijing or Shanghai.
It's been quite a cold winter so try and stay warm whatever you do.
Don't get sick before the Chinese New Year holidays!
I'm sure everyone is looking forward to The New Year!
我已經回來了台北幾天, 雖然很忙還是可以找時間參加畫展.
我覺得畫都很漂亮, 而且畫的收入會作為公益捐給關懷歡呼兒, 幫助需要用呼吸器維生的兒童. 這個畫展公益活動到1月31日. 在 "社教館"台北市八德路3段25號B1第一展覽館, 如果有興趣可以去參觀.
台灣現在在還蠻冷的, 但是沒有像上海還有北京那麼冷.今年的冬天很冷,希望大家注意保暖不要在過年的這段期間感冒了喔!

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I was in Shanghai shooting a HP endorsement and then in Guangzhou for an awards ceremony where I performed.

Its been awhile since I performed on stage and I was really happy to sing!
I want to thank all of you who went to Guanzhou to support me and all the wonderful presents!
I also love the food over there! I was never a big fan of porridge but I could not get enough of it in Guanzhou! 
Its been a good year for me overall and I hope that 2007 was good to everyone too!

前陣子我在上海拍攝手機代言的廣告,還有參加風尚盛典的頒獎典禮. 之後去廣州參加南方盛典的表演.
我已經有好一陣子沒有站在舞台上唱歌了, 這一次真的很開心可以上台表演.
真的很感謝在廣州去支持鼓勵我的影迷朋友們, 你們帶給我這麼好的禮物! 我真的覺得很開心很感動.
我在廣州時也享受到很多廣州的美食, 我從來都很少吃粥,但這一次吃到廣州的艇仔粥, 真的讓我覺得好吃到不行!
今年的年終到年尾都是我一個很豐收很好的一年, 也希望大家的2007年也是很好的一年喔!


你們相信嗎? 這裡只有0度...真的好..冷喔.....



這是和我一起拍 "綠光森林" 裡的小天喔!











今天我演唱的是 綠光森林 裡的 "Forever"






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Hi everyone! now, u can also see my blog on yahoo. Have fun!


Hi! 大家好! 現在你們也可以在 yahoo看到我的部落格了喔! Have fun!

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It is time to reflect on the past year again and plan for the next. We should always set goals for ourselves no matter how small.Maybe, you want to save more money for a new radio or computer. Or you want to be in the top ten in your class.Or maybe you just want to do better in a subject that you are weak in. Do not be afraid to challenge yourself.Only by challenging yourself, will you be able to achieve your goals. Remember only to set realistic goals so as not to be dissappointed.  Also, whatever you do in 2008, please think of those less fortunate than yourself and appreciate what you have instead of wishing for more. Happiness is enjoying what you already have and sadness is when you always want what you can't get.

Wishing everyone a Happy New year!

Happy 2008!


新的一年又要到了. 在新的一年裡可以好好的計畫在新的一年裡有什麼計畫.
每一年都可以幫自己訂出一個目標,不管大或是小, 也許是你想存錢為自己買mp3或是一台電腦.或是你想成績進步到班上的前十名, 也或許你想多加強你比較弱的科目.
不要害怕對自己做挑戰, 因為只有挑戰自己才會達到你想要的目標.你也會達到你所要的目標.
記得只能訂你實際上可以達到的目標,不然如果目標訂的太高, 到時候沒達到目標你會覺得很失望. 不管你在2008年做什麼.也要想想在世界上還是有一些需要幫助的人. 所以我們要珍惜身邊的人事物.珍惜自己是幸福的!
Happy 2008!
祝大家2008年都有很好的一年! 新年快樂!
快到年底了! Happy New Year!!

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